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rinnai hybrid series

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Getting your desired comfort is not that complicated. The Rinnai Hybrid Series Tankless Water Heater has an innovative design which combines the tankless system’s instant heating technology with a storage tank.

Its installation is similar to a conventional tank water heater with a 1/2″ gas line, 4″ B-Vent, and standard water connections.

Therefore, it provides an ideal opportunity for an upgrade without changing your setup to enjoy improved capacity of hot water.

Being a simple installation job, it is ideal for both emergency replacement and home remodeling situations.

In addition, installation is made easy and quick with standard hook-ups.

Upgrade for Life

With the Rinnai Hybrid Series tankless water heaters, you’ll never again lack hot water.

Furthermore, they are North America’s leading brand, backed by the top warranty of the industry, and the first big tankless water heater brand to produce in the United States.

The Most Essential Appliance in Your Home

Consider the amount of hot water used in your home. Be it for dishes and laundry, or showers and baths, or hand washing and pets, your household needs a reliable hot water system it can depend on for a very long time.

Always Have Constant Hot Water

A Rinnai Hybrid Series Tankless Water Heater means that you’ll never have a hard time doing a ton of laundry, or taking a piping hot shower, or using the dishwasher.

Rinnai Hybrid Series Provides More Value

Since the Rinnai Hybrid Series heat water only on demand, they are long lasting.

Also, they have greater warranty, and save energy, in addition to supplying your hot water needs nonstop.

Save Usable Space

The wall units are the size of a suitcase and can fit in tight, discrete areas to free up more valuable spaces in your home.

As a matter of fact, there is no need to store large volumes of water that could end up leaking on your floor.

Advanced Technology for Better Living

Some models are Wi-Fi enabled which allows you to have hot water on demand or set schedules.

Also, the Rinnai’s recirculation which provides hot water in just seconds can save you time and reduce wastages.

Not to mention that they can be integrated with your smart home technology as well for better control.

Rinnai Hybrid Series: Reliability

Rinnai has a reputation for high quality which is why more businesses and consumers prefer Rinnai to any other brand of tankless water heaters.

They also produce most of their major components to ensure consistent quality control, unlike many competitors.

In addition, they carry out thorough testing of each individual unit before being shipped out to consumers.

Rinnai’s PRO Network

Rinnai runs a comprehensive network of expert trained installers who are skilled and experienced in giving you advanced product performance.

With a Rinnai Hybrid Series, you’ll be able to pick the right model for your home, get high-quality installation, and access options for financing.

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