The Rinnai Hybrid Series is an ideal solution for emergency replacement, or for customers looking to increase their hot-water supply.

Are you tired of dealing with constant plumbing issues, unreliable plumbers, and eye-watering costs? Allow us to introduce the solution: the Rinnai Hybrid Series. This breakthrough in water heating technology combines the best of tankless and tank technologies to offer reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solutions for your home.

Understanding the Magic behind the Rinnai Hybrid Series

Meet the Rinnai Hybrid Series, a game-changer in the world of water heating systems. This groundbreaking creation from Rinnai, a globally recognized name in water heating solutions, harmoniously melds the top features of both tank and tankless water heater technologies. The result? A system that delivers continuous hot water on demand, without sacrificing the familiar comfort of traditional tank systems.

Imagine a winter morning where you don’t have to anxiously anticipate if there’s enough hot water left for your shower, because with this series, running out of hot water, even during peak usage times, becomes a worry of the past. How does this sorcery happen, you ask? It’s all thanks to its dual heat exchanger technology.

This unique technology magnifies its performance efficiency, proving that the Hybrid Series is not just about the bells and whistles, but it’s a reliable and cost-effective solution for homeowners.

This system isn’t a one-trick pony either, its versatility doesn’t stop at providing endless hot water. The Rinnai Hybrid also has your back when it comes to saving space. Unlike traditional bulky water heaters, this slim, wall-mounted unit takes up significantly less space, giving you more room to play with.

Rinnai has not just innovated a product, they have reinvented the way you experience comfort and convenience in your home. Let the Hybrid Series show you the true meaning of efficient, hassle-free water heating.

Overcoming the Unreliable Plumber Dilemma

Experience the joy of self-reliance with the Rinnai Sensei Series. Imagine this: no more frustration over plumbers who can’t seem to get the job done, or who aren’t available when you need them most. With this revolutionary system, you’re in control. This model incorporates built-in Wi-Fi, which syncs up with the Rinnai app on your smartphone, providing you with real-time updates on your system’s performance and immediate alerts for any issues.

Say, for instance, your water isn’t heating as quickly as it should. Instead of scheduling a service call and enduring cold showers until help arrives, you can quickly troubleshoot minor issues using the app. Not a tech guru? Don’t worry, the intuitive design of the app makes it easy for anyone to use. In the rare event that a problem necessitates a professional’s touch, scheduling a service with a Rinnai-certified technician is just a few taps away on the app.

With the Rinnai Hybrid, you’re not just investing in a top-of-the-line water heating system, you’re also investing in peace of mind and a hassle-free lifestyle. Say goodbye to the days of waiting around for a plumber, and hello to the era of easy, efficient, and reliable home water heating.

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Saving More with the Energy Efficient Hybrid Series

Picture this: a water heating system that doesn’t just deliver an abundance of hot water, but also keeps a check on your energy bills. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s exactly what this model offers. This innovative system outshines traditional water heaters by saving up to 40% more energy. Think about what this means in terms of your monthly energy bills. That’s a significant chunk of change staying in your pocket each month.

But how does the Rinnai achieve this remarkable feat? Its dual heat exchanger technology works in tandem with a unique control logic system, optimizing energy usage to the fullest. It’s designed to consume less energy while providing more hot water, a feat that traditional water heaters have always struggled with. In simpler terms, the Hybrid Series is a workhorse that doesn’t tire easily but still manages to keep your energy bills at a comfortable level.

So, when you choose the Hybrid Series, you’re not just choosing a water heating solution that meets your needs for comfort and reliability. You’re also making a conscious choice for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, a smart move that your future self will undoubtedly thank you for. The best part? You’re doing all this without compromising on the level of comfort and convenience that you and your family deserve.

Diving further into the realm of cost savings, it’s also worth noting that this series qualifies for federal tax credits and local utility rebates, depending on your location. So, in addition to the monthly energy savings, you might also find yourself saving a tidy sum at the end of the year.

So let’s recap: the Rinnai Hybrid Series gives you a steady supply of hot water, saves you money on energy bills, may qualify for tax credits and rebates, and promotes a greener lifestyle by reducing energy consumption. Clearly, this model is not just a water heater; it’s a smart investment that pays off in multiple ways. With all these benefits, this model is truly a win-win solution for any homeowner seeking to balance comfort, efficiency, and savings.

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Exploring the Smart Features of the Rinnai Hybrid Series

Beyond mere efficiency, this series brings smart innovations to your doorstep. Imagine setting off on a well-deserved vacation without worrying about wasteful energy consumption back home. That’s possible with the vacation mode, a nifty feature that intelligently reduces energy usage when you’re not around. No more fretting over unchecked utility meters while you’re trying to unwind on a beach somewhere.

But the smart features don’t end there. Consider those moments when you’ve stood by the faucet, waiting for the cold water to turn warm. Every second that ticks by is not just time wasted, but also precious water down the drain. With the Rinnai, those days are over. Its recirculation technology ensures hot water is instantly accessible, slashing wait times and conserving water in one fell swoop.

The Hybrid Series is more than just an efficient water heater. It’s a smart, technologically advanced system designed to make your life easier, and a little bit greener. With features like vacation mode and recirculation technology, it takes home comfort to new heights, while ensuring every drop of water and joule of energy is used judiciously. So, prepare to elevate your home’s convenience, and make the most of every resource.

Making the Switch to the Hybrid Series

Ready to embrace a hassle-free lifestyle with the Rinnai? It’s an upgrade that signifies a long-term commitment to your home’s future, thanks to the perfect blend of efficiency, cost-saving attributes, and reliable performance. In the world of water heating, it’s the equivalent of striking gold.

This series offers a variety of models, each tailored to cater to distinct household needs, ensuring you find a perfect fit for your home. This commitment is further fortified by Rinnai’s robust warranty and unparalleled customer support, guaranteeing peace of mind along with an efficient, high-performing water heating system. 

Embarking on this journey promises not just a resolution to your nagging plumbing woes, but a whole new realm of comfort and convenience. So, go ahead and make the switch. Welcome to a new era of efficient, reliable, and smart water heating.


Does a tankless water heater behave differently with low-flow faucets or showerheads?

Low-flow faucets or showerheads often do not affect hot water performance. If you’re not getting enough hot water, try adjusting the temperature setting on your tankless water heater by a few degrees. It seems contradictory, but it changes the hot/cold mix ratio and activates the tankless water heater unit for low-flow fixtures.

Can Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters be put in mobile homes?

Good news! We offer tankless water heaters for mobile and modular homes. Compatible units include both our Luxury and Ultra Series. A trained dealer or installation can help you decide which Rinnai tankless water heater is ideal for your needs.

What size tankless water heater should I get?

Several variables impact the appropriate size of the tankless water heater you should select, such as the occupancy level of your residence or business and the number of amenities (laundry rooms, bathrooms, washrooms, or kitchens) the unit will cater to. In order to simplify the process, we have devised a straightforward three-step approach to ascertain the most suitable capacity of a Rinnai tankless water heater for your requirements.


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