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rinnai value series

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You may want to explore the newest technology for your home remodeling or a fresh construction.

Perhaps your household needs are not met by your conventional tank water heater, and you are searching for a solution that’s more energy-efficient.

Besides, around 20% of your home’s energy cost is attributed to water heating.

Surely, most of our customers opt for the Rinnai Value Series because of the convenience and freedom associated with them as they supply hot water nonstop for their homes.

Make the smart choice

Ensure you work with a Rinnai technician when selecting your preferred model so as to identify the ideal tankless water heater to meet your needs and expectations.

You need to answer the following questions:

  • How often do I run out of hot water?
  • Do I want to do the laundry and use the dishwasher while running multiple showers all at the same time?
  • Do I want to have my garden tub filled with hot water? (A garden tub equals two shower heads)
  • Would I rather do chores that need hot water at various times in the day?

You should consider the following things when buying the Rinnai Value Series:

Rinnai Value Series: Correct Installation

For installation of the tankless water heater, Rinnai recommends that you get a licensed contractor.

This is someone who is skilled enough for the plumbing, electrical, gas, and venting areas of a tankless water heater.

Additionally, they will know about all national and local gas fuel codes.

Anyone else may cause performance and operational issues on your tankless water heater.

Installation Location

The Rinnai Value Series are designed to be space-saving, clean and modern, allowing you to install on almost any wall within your house, not just the utility room.

You also have the option of installing it on your home’s outside wall to save even more space.


Based on the positioning inside the home, the interior models of the Rinnai Value Series are able to vent horizontally through an outside wall or vertically through the roof.

There are multiple options of venting for Rinna’s ultra high efficiency models which offer performance and safety.

Fuel Types and Gas Line Sizes

The Rinnai Value Series models come in liquid propane or natural gas fuel types, contributing to higher efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

With either a 3/4″ or a 1/2″ gas line, they are designed to offer optimum performance and operating efficiency.

Location Suggestions for The Rinnai Value Series

  • 1. Interior wall – basement, bathroom or closet.
  • 2. Exterior wall – close to kitchen or bathroom.
  • 3. Attic.

The Rinnai Value Series provides a perfect combination of value and comfort. These well-designed units give you the expected reliability and performance that is right for new homes or remodels of medium to small sizes.

If you want a gas-powered, efficient tankless water heater solution for multiple applications at the same time, then this could be your best option.

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