5 Reasons to Install the New Rinnai Sensei Series

rinnai sensei series

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We generally like to stick to what is comfortable and what we know.

And sometimes we keep repeating the same things over and over, and hoping for different results – it’s crazy really! You should give more to your customers.

It’s super easy with the newest product from Rinnai – the Sensei Tankless Water Heater.

Rinnai Sensei Series: Benefits to customers

Get easier and more flexible installation with the Sensei, with multiple location options and improved operation.

Also, this unit is perfectly engineered for versatility, it can accommodate a total of 14 venting solutions at 65 feet, making it the longest 2-inch PVC vent run available.

Furthermore, its self-compensation function enables optimal performance even in areas with unstable or low gas pressures.

These features are of much advantage to our customers.

Wi-Fi ready

With built with a wireless module for recirculation, the Sensei is wi-fi enabled.

Additionally, its Rinnai Control-R mobile app 2.0 is free and can be integrated with Amazon Alexa.

As a matter of fact, this provides improved recirculation and remote temperature adjustments.

Moreover, with this revolutionary innovation, our customers can ask Alexa to “start circulation” or just say, “Alexa, tell Rinnai I would like to take a shower,” and the Sensei will act immediately.

Performance in cold weather

The Rinnai Sensei Series provides anti-freezing features up to -22 degrees indoor and -4 degrees for the outdoor unit.

Its fiber mesh premix burner and all-new integrated check valve makes this possible.

Situated between the combustion chamber and turbo fan, this integrated check valve stops cold air from getting into the vents and exhaust backflow in regular vent applications.

In addition, an even distribution of flame is enabled by the fiber premix burner for best performance.

The burner is also temporarily activated in very extremely cold weather by an integrated logic system inside the Sensei unit.

Optimal performance from newer features

The Sensei comes with several new features such as the R-evolution primary stainless steel heat exchanger, which has the function of resisting the corrosiveness of the condensate which manifests early in the optimal combustion process of its condensing models.

There’s also the new zero controller gas valve which optimizes combustion by constantly delivering a mixture of air and gas, and the switching venturi which provides the burner with the same mixture of gas and air to enable low turn-down ratios to self-compensate in areas having unsteady or low gas pressures.

Quality build

The Rinnai Sensei Series is committed to the best standards of quality production.

This can be seen with over 600 R&D engineers focused on unwavering quality in manufacturing and design.

The Sensei Tankless Water Heater is specially designed for the North American market, employing best practices in technology and engineering to attain the same recognizable reliability and quality associated with Rinnai.

Step out of your comfort zone and try the revolutionary Sensei Tankless Water Heater. If you are interested, call us for more details on Rinnai and its products and services.

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