NuvoH2O Water Softener Installation

nuvoh20 water softener

Water is one of the most important elements that sustain life. A human being is made out of 65 to 70% water, so it is something we cannot neglect.

If we can live without food for very many days, due to lack of water, we won’t be able to live more than three days. So it is not the key to a healthy life, but also something that cannot miss from our daily consumption.

But not every water is suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Our body needs a clean and pure water, so hard to find due to the industrialization of modern society.

Water in the big cities can be contaminated by everything from heavy metals, bacteria, chemicals, and other elements that will not make it safe to drink. And even if you live in the countryside, it doesn’t mean the water you drink is the purest.

What’s in Your Water?

You will be amazed by the content of the water you use for consumption if you take to be tested in a specialized laboratory.

Believe it or not, many illnesses start because of the poor quality of the water.

Kidney malfunctions and diseases, sediments in the bladder, and intake of toxic elements, can all cause a poor health status.

Not to mention, bottled water is not the healthy promise so many manufacturers try to promote.

In most cases, tap water contained in plastic recipients that are toxic as well, leaves you with one choice.

To make your own purified water.

How? By installing a reliable house water filter system.

Whole House Water

Give your water an excellent taste and a balanced content which means that your drinking water will be better.

Not only that, but also the water used for cooking and washing will be of high quality.

If you are looking for filtration that inhibits bacteria formation, removes sediment, cysts, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and more, while leaving the healthy minerals present in your water, then a three-stage KDF/GAC cartridge system can be used in tandem with the NuvoH2O Water Softener.

Tests were conducted to determine the efficiency of KDF/GAC and the results proven that it is capable of removing 97% of the chlorine present in tap water.

Chlorine is widely used as a disinfectant for water, but in high quantities it can accumulate in the body and cause problems.

Another problem of tap water is the presence of volatile organic chemicals or VOCs.

They end up in the water due to its circuit through pipes, which are made out of various materials.

As the name of the compounds suggests, they are highly volatile, being able to affect you when showering.

Dangers of Contaminants

The high temperatures of showering water will bring them to a vapor state, being very easy to inhale and accumulate in your organism.

Heavy metals, other dangerous chemicals, are also removed by the KDF/GAC media, including the highly toxic lead and mercury, used in so many industrial processes.

The point is that now it is possible to enjoy a cleaner water, water you can trust offering to your children and use for cooking.

Your entire family will feel better, and your food will taste better.

If you live in Clovis Ca (an area with extremely hard water) then the NuvoH2O Water Softener, which does not contain salt, is the system for you.

When you choose Clovis Plumbing Services as your installer/provider, you will receive their special rates, which are about 20% off the standard install rate and includes a 60 day labor warranty.

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