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rinnai ultra series

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The Rinnai Ultra Series Super High Efficiency Plus condensing tankless water heater offers a nonstop supply of hot water.

As small as a suitcase in size, this natural gas model is easy to install, compact, and perfect for the indoors.

The benefits of using Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters are endless, whether you are making home improvements, building a new house, or in an unlucky circumstance of not having hot water as a result of tank failure.

Based on your water consumption rate or family size, there may be times when you experience shortages of hot water.

At the same time, you may want to create some space in your house. No matter your reason, switching to Rinnai is truly of huge advantage to you.

Recirculation Pump and Capacity

The Rinnai Ultra Series Tankless Water Heater is capable of recirculation and also comes with a circulation pump, having the Rinnai’s newest ThermaCirc360 technology.

Its process of recirculation can function properly without a return line.

With its recirculation pump, hot water is easily circulated from the heater to the farthest faucet in your home.

This process is nonstop such that any time a faucet is opened, hot water is supplied in just 2-3 seconds.

It also reduces wastage of cold water.

Averagely, 11461 gallons (ca. 43,385 l) of water is saved by recirculation pumps annually.

Wi-Fi and Remote Monitoring System

The Rinnai Ultra Series is Wi-Fi enabled and the system can be monitored and diagnosed easily through the Rinnai app.

You can also regulate the heat settings using voice commands with Alexa.

Additionally, these units feature a temperature regulator, automatic frost protection, scale detection, water flow sensor, and leak protection.

All of these can easily be controlled digitally through a control panel located at the front.

Its direct electrical ignition system allows for optimal performance of its sensors, since it consumes 148 watts of power.

We honestly think that the Rinnai Ultra Series is the gold standard for tankless water heater systems.

It is Rinnai’s most advanced, powerful and energy-efficient tankless water heater.

No matter how high your regular hot water needs, this water heater will certainly keep you satisfied.

We highly recommend this equipment.


If your household is large and requires a steady hot water supply, this water heater series is your best option.

Its high energy efficiency and great power will leave you fascinated, in addition to its compact build and eco friendliness.

And although it’s a little high-priced, its value makes it such a great investment.

The Rinnai Ultra Series is the #1 seller in North America, is backed by the industry’s top warranty, and is manufactured in the U.S.

It’s a no brainer.

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