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There are numerous tankless water heaters available on the market these days to choose from. Gladly, the Rinnai Luxury Series will put your mind at ease.

If you’re searching for the best available natural gas tankless water heater, you are in the right place. This high-efficiency series offers the latest technology in tankless water heaters.

Of course you will enjoy the energy savings and endless hot water that you expect, with the added bonus of wi-fi readiness and hot water circulation compatible for faster hot water delivery.


If you do not know already, natural gas tankless heaters heat up cold water as it passes through the pipes. As a matter of fact, its internal sensors determine when cold water is required to be heated.

Coupled with a heat exchanger that is triggered by natural burners to warm your water to just the right temperature, the Rinnai Luxury Series adheres strictly to this process.

This brand is commonly referred to as “workhorse,” which means that people usually just forget about this tankless heater after installation since it functions so efficiently and quietly.

Furthermore, the 9.4 model has a capacity of up to five bathrooms simultaneously, while the 7.5 model can serve up to three.

With this heater, you can run dishwashers, take showers, and do your laundry all at the same time.

Flow Rate

As the name implies, the 9.4 model is able to pump over 9 gallons of water per minute all through your house, which is sufficient for multiple appliances and bathrooms.

However, a slight delay in flow (about 30 seconds) has been reported by customers using this series. According to them, it takes about that to “kick-start” the day.

After that, however, you have an unlimited supply of hot water, making the delay a small price to pay.


Installing the Rinnai Luxury Series requires the utmost level of care, and this can be seen as a drawback.

However, the same careful installation is required by all natural gas tankless heaters because of the emissions produced by their open flames.

You can’t afford to cut corners with this series so for many buyers, they are quite comfortable having their unit installed by a qualified Rinnai technician.

Rinnai Luxury Series: General Usage

Pros and cons help you to make decisions on almost anything, and the tankless water heater is no different.

Some of the pros of this model are:

  • Its high flow rate is perfect for larger homes.
  • It can serve multiple bathrooms at the same time.

Some of the cons include:

  • This system needs to be installed carefully, and it requires many whistles and bells.
  • Higher water temperatures result in lower GPM.

Customers Reviews

Generally, the Rinnai Luxury Series is associated with a high level of customer satisfaction. Although some complain about its high installation cost, 95% of customers are very pleased.

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