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There are numerous toilet tank issues that can cause a toilet to stop filling or flushing. One such annoyance is when the toilet tank refuses to fill or appears to empty on its own. This problem is frequently caused by something as simple as the float or fill valve resting too low in the tank, but it can also be caused by the trip lever chain becoming trapped beneath the flapper.

Fixing Toilet Leaks

fixing toilet leaks

If you find some water on the floor of your bathroom (close to your toilet) and it causes you worry, you can be sure that this problem has numerous possible causes.

After ruling out the most obvious (poor aim), there are some things to consider before assuming it might be from the seal on the sewer line.

Flush Valve Replacement

flush valve replacement

The role of the flush valve replacement is such that permits the flow of water from the tank into the bowl.

This happens in such a way as to result in a whole flushing cycle, involving cleaning and removal of contents from the bowl.

Fill Valve Replacement
fill valve replacement

An essential part of a toilet, whenever the toilet is flushed the fill valve fills the toilet tank. It can be quite frustrating having a broken fill valve, especially if you have no knowledge of how to replace or fix them.

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