How to Use a Toilet Plunger

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It can be upsetting when water overflows and spills onto the surrounding floor from a clogged toilet.

Although quick action may be required, there’s normally no cause to worry over a clogged toilet, as it is usually a rather easy fix with the use of a toilet plunger.

You would rarely need a professional plumber to help with this.

Toilet clogs are usually cleared by properly using a plunger – and not just any type of plunger.

Common household plungers are categorized into two.

There’s the cup plunger, which is most common and features a rubber cup and a handle fitted with a flat rim.

This is designed to clear clogs in bathtubs, showers, and sinks.

There’s also a toilet plunger, uniquely designed with a pointed base to fit in the toilet bowl hole and a bigger cup which properly seals round the outer surface of the hole.

A toilet plunger is also known as a closet plunger or flanged plunger.

Ready the Toilet Plunger

Put water into the bowl of the toilet, as required, until about half full. This is needed to guarantee a seal round the opening of the drain.

Ensure the flange (that is, the pointed end) at the plunger cup base is extended.

With many plungers, you can fold up the flange into the cup in order to use it for tubs and sinks.

For toilets, however, it needs to be extended.

Set the Plunger in Place

Position the plunger in the bowl such that water goes into the cup as it is being lowered; this will increase the force of plunging.

Place the cup on the opening of the drain beneath the bowl so that the flange goes in and the cup seals round the outer surface of the hole.

Pump the Toilet Plunger

Repeatedly push down on the plunger with powerful and swift thrusts to send sufficient pressure down into the drain in order to free up any obstruction.

Ensure to keep a good seal all through the motions.

The plunger builds a suction effect as it comes up, which helps to slacken the clog by pushing the clog down into the drain as it goes down.

After thrusting about five or six times, pull out the toilet plunger from the hole. If most of the water in the bowl is gone, the clog has likely been cleared.

Test the Toilet

Take out the lid from the tank of the toilet. Check to see if the clog is out by flushing the toilet, but be prepared.

If it looks like the bowl will overflow, reach into the toilet tank quickly and push down on the flapper (a rubber flap covering a hole beneath the tank).

This will stop the water from flowing into the bowl in order to avoid an overflow.

Repeat the process of plunging and flushing until the clog is removed.

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