Kitchen Faucet Installation

kitchen faucet installation

A kitchen faucet installation is the most common project for homeowners. It is the central point that connects the people in your home.

Choosing the best faucet to install in your kitchen is essential to the comfort of your home. People who especially love cooking or spending time in the kitchen will need to choose the most beautiful and effective kitchen faucet.

Elegant kitchen faucets can be the cornerstone that gives the desired sharp look that you want. When choosing the best kitchen faucet, you need to consider the functions that it should serve and the options available.

Single or 2 Handle?

There are two main types of faucets, differentiated by their structure, namely, single–handle and two-handle faucet. As their names suggest, the single-handle faucet is made of a single handle.

It is more commonly used than the two-handle kitchen faucet. It has the advantage of temperature adjustment functions that can be easily operated with one hand.

Integral or Side Sprayer?

Modern faucets such as Moen have integral pull-out spray head. Such modern single faucets may need one or more faucets depending on the way they are to be used. If the sink is not pre-drilled or has an undermount model, these faucets are a good option.

There are those single faucets that require four holes. The extra holes are for fitting the side sprayer and lotion dispenser. There are single-handle faucets that have a high arc and a movable sprayer.

The two-handle faucets are the choices for most traditional kitchens. However, some modern sinks are shallow and unsuitable for installation of these faucets. The spouts of these faucets are shaped with elegance.

Pull Down or Pull Out?

Faucets may also be classified as pullout faucets or pull-down faucets. The pull out kitchen faucet has a spout that is adjustable by pulling out to extend its reach. It is useful when a person needs to fill water in buckets or items that do not fit in the sink.

On the other hand, pull down faucets are adjusted downwards. It may be replaced by use of a hose pipe to achieve its functionality. It is the most commonly used as a commercial kitchen faucet.

Moreover, the faucets are also differentiated by their body. There are those that have a preset spacing between the tailpieces, with taps and spouts mounted on the body.

Widespread faucets have independent taps that allow you to install them wherever you wish, adjusting the spacing between the tailpieces using tubes.

Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Depending on the home architecture and the budget, a person has a variety of kitchen faucet models to choose from. On purchase, one may seek the services of a plumber for installation or simply do it themselves.

Choosing the best kitchen faucet is advantageous in that, the flow of water in the sink is steady and consistent so that you can perform house chores without inconvenience. The water flows calmly and does not necessarily splash all over the kitchen and wet the room.

Depending on the faucet bought, there are different ways used to install them. Additionally, there are dealers that provide kitchen faucet installation quotes on purchase of the faucet which when included in your order, allows the dealer to send an installer for your faucet.

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