Water Softener Installation

Water Softener Installation

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Water softeners replace strong minerals such as calcium and magnesium with softer minerals such as potassium and sodium.

Soft water generally makes the hair look and feel softer while it makes the skin healthier

Hard water, on the contrary, makes your hair and skin feel dry and brittle.

With more than 20 grains of minerals per gallon, Indianapolis is being rated as “hard” water by the Water Quality Association.

How water softeners work

Water softener installations are considered to have a very strong effect on hard calcium and magnesium.

It reduces these minerals which have a high tendency for causing corrosion for water found inside appliances.

Soft water can likewise eliminate soap particles and scum which are neglected when cleaning with hard water.

Water softeners cost about $1,000.00, yet they can significantly improve the lifespan of your equipment.

What is a water conditioner?

Apart from a water softener installation, another option worth considering is a salt-free water conditioner

This is an alternative to sodium and potassium based water softening.

Water conditioning uses a completely different system to eliminate or reduce the calcium found in hard water.

However conditioners generally do not soften the water as an end result.

Choosing a Water Softener Installation

Before you choose which water softener installation company to hire, research the company

Select a reputable company that is approved by the Water Quality Association and offers a money back guarantee.

What is hard water?

Hard water consists of calcium and magnesium which will drain out from the water.

White scale forms on faucets, shower doors, etc.

Vinegar is a great detergent you could use from time to time to clean up these appliances

However, you need to be aware of the fact that the substance will build up again over time.

When the molecules of soap bond with the minerals in water they produce a substance called “scale”.

This can be seen in shower doors and they tend to leave a film on glassware in the dishwasher.

This chemical bonding decreases soap molecules resulting in using more detergent to finish the job.

Measuring hardness

Calling a water company first would be a good start

You could also take your own measurements and check for pH level, bacteria, etc.

A level of 8 mineral grains per gallon is viewed as “hard” water

However, even when the levels are lower, you could still see scale forming on shower doors.

How softeners work

Calcium and Magnesium each have positive charges

Water softeners make use of negative chemical attraction to grab these positive components out of the water.

Generally, this process is accomplished by the use of interconnected negatively-charged plastic beads.

The beads are covered with sodium molecules that have a single positive charge

Therefore, they are easily displaced by the calcium and magnesium ions which have two positive charges each.

The particles stick to the beads, exchanging places with the sodium particles that are taken away by the water.

This is the reason why water softeners will “recharge” daily or weekly.

Salt alternatives

Doctors say any amount of sodium in softened water is too small to cause any health issues.

If you wish to eliminate all sodium from your diet you should see a health specialist first.

Another alternative is to remove the kitchen sink from the softener loop.

Bottled water for consumption is another option while the tap water is used for other household activities.

Sodium can likewise be removed from the water softener installation by changing to potassium chloride.

If you wish to change to potassium chloride pellets rather than salt pellets it’s not a big deal.

Basically what you need to do use potassium pellets and refill your tank as normal.

The primary purpose for doing so would be to get rid of the presence of sodium in your tap water.

However, potassium chloride pellets would cost you about three times more for the amount of salt needed.

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