Plumbing Safety Tips From the Pros

plumbing safety

For many, plumbing safety may not be very glamorous, but it is extremely important.

In any plumbing repair, you should follow basic safety instructions to protect yourself and your family from possible injury.

Here are a few tips in dealing with emergencies safely.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is an essential part of plumbing safety at home or in a business.

For sanitary work, safety glasses should be the top priority.

Flying dirt, metal filings, and even hot water can result in eye injuries.

Electrical appliances and power tools used in plumbing projects can cause injuries as well.

Safety goggles are an absolute must when cutting, soldering or working over the head.

Once again, Make sure you wear eye protection!

Hand Protection

There are different styles of gloves and using one depends on the kind of work you are performing.

Soldering requires sturdy leather gloves to protect your hand from accidental drops of solder.

Wear long pants and long sleeves when handling wastewater or chemicals.

Remember that washing afterward is very important.

Foot Protection

Be sure to wear quality work boots that are stable, non-slip.

Wearing quality shoes is crucial to avoid possible injury.

Check the best work boots for plumbers on websites or reviews of the most popular and best-selling work shoes.

Head Protection

Plumbing safety requires a solid hard hat if you carry out repairs from below.

Usually, plumbers use head protection during construction or industrial plumbing work.

Lung Protection

Consider protecting your lungs when performing a project that uses chemicals for any type of plumbing repair.

With a face mask, the health of the lungs can be significantly improved when sanding, sawing or handling toxic chemicals.

Even a simple disposable face mask can greatly prevent the inhalation of a variety of dirt, dust, and particles.

Finally, it is important to read the labels when handling chemicals and to understand all safety instructions.

Temperature Protection

Depending on the climate and temperature, make sure your body is protected from extreme cold or heat.

Wear appropriate clothing and shoes, stay hydrated and take all precautions to make sure.


If you want to perform a plumbing repair near a power source, you must turn off the power near this source.

Remember that water and electricity don’t mix very well, so you can easily get into trouble.

Emergency Numbers

It is very advisable that you have emergency numbers at hand.

These numbers should include phone numbers for firefighters, medical emergencies, police, public services, etc.

Calm Down

Even if you stand in front of a bursting pipe and water is leaking everywhere, you need to keep your cool.

Shut off the water as quickly as possible in order to avoid excessive damage.

Get Help

Plumbing repairs should ideally be done with a helper alongside in case you need help.

A helper can turn off water mains, shut off a machines immediately and help lift heavy equipment.

Having a helper alongside you can make the project safer and more productive.

The Right Tools

One of the first lessons you need to learn in DIY projects is using the rights tools for the jobs you are running.

A screwdriver is not a chisel while also a wrench is not a hammer.

If you use the wrong tools for the wrong job, jobs will not only get harder but would also cause more damage.

In addition, not only will the repair take longer, but you also risk losing money in the long term.

Safety should always be the utmost priority. A workspace should always be clear of the materials and tools that you are not using.

Dangers can be avoided in this way. While you’re ready to fix things, keep in mind that your health and life should be your priority.

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