Tub Drain Replacement

tub drain replacement

Bathtub drains occasionally need to be replaced, and drains with the built-in stoppers are the ones that usually have problems.

These will become harder to use over time and will eventually allow water to leak.

The flange is the part around the drain hole that seals the joint between the tub and the piping below.

If you believe that it is no longer sealing properly and water is entering this area, you should replace and reseal this flange immediately.

The drain flange is replaced by being unscrewed from the bathtub drain shoe. This is a pipe length that is connected to the drain and overflow pipes.

Replacing a drain flange requires removing the old stopper and old flange. Since there are various stopper options, it is crucial to identify the stopper type.

Once the plug is out of the way, the extraction and installation are the same for most types of drain flanges.

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Tub Drain Replacement: Tools Needed

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Bath drain tap
  3. Adjustable wrench
  4. Acetone
  5. Rag
  6. Plumbing putty
  7. New drain flange
  8. Plastic putty knife

Tub Drain Replacement: Remove the drain cover

The drainage flange is usually hidden by a cover that acts as a filter and as ornamental concealment. It is held in place with a single screw, so take a screwdriver, loosen and lift the cover.

Tub Drain Replacement: Remove the drain flange

This step requires a bathtub wrench, which looks like the rook on a chessboard. Each end is sized to fit a different type of drain, so try each one to see which one fits best before using it.

Place the tool on the shoe tub so that the teeth are attached to the crossbars in the drain. Then, by using a crescent wrench and applying force, spin the tub wrench counter-clockwise.

Remove this piece from the hole as it is completely unscrewed.

Tub Drain Replacement: Clean the drain opening

Moisten a clean rag with acetone and clean the area around the drain. Scrub if necessary to remove all dirt, debris and plumbers putty that may interfere with the new seal.

Tub Drain Replacement: Seal the new flange

Plumber’s putty plays a vital role in this repair since that is what makes the drain flange waterproof.

Roll over a string of putty about the thickness of an ordinary pencil and spread it under the edge of the flange.

Then, place the new flange in the hole and screw it with the tub wrench in a clockwise direction.

Putty will collapse from the gap as you squeeze it; This seals the tub flange. Wipe away the excess after it has finished.

Tub Drain Replacement: Fit the Cover and Test

Screw the cover back onto the drain and prepare to test your work.

Fill the tub halfway with water, stop the drain, and make sure that the edges of the newly mounted flange form bubbles.

Now the tub should hold water and should drain only when you release the stopper.

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Tub Drain Replacement: Step by step guide

  1. Take out the old drain flange with the drain removal wrench from the bath.
  2. Insert the end of the tool into the drain flange and turn it until it is firmly seated in the flange.
  3. Place an adjustable wrench on the tool and turn it counterclockwise to unscrew the old drain flange.
  4. Carry out this step with care to avoid damaging the finish of the bathtub.
  5. Inspect the rubber gasket at the drain shoe and replace it with a new one if the seal shows signs of wear.
  6. Use a thin blade screwdriver to remove the old gasket and avoid moving the position of the drain shoe.
  7. Install the new gasket by dragging it in-between the drain shoe and the tub.
  8. Clean the drain surface with acetone and a rag to remove dirt, debris and old plumber putty.
  9. Apply a roll of pencil-sized plumber’s putty on the entire lower edge of the new flange.
  10. Put the new flange into the opening and screw it into the drain shoe by turning it clockwise.
  11. Insert the drain wrench and squeeze by hand until it is snug.
  12. Tighten the drain flange with the drain tool and the adjustable wrench approximately a quarter turn.
  13. Finish the installation by removing excess putty with your finger and inserting the drain plug.
  14. Tip: Apply masking tape to the surface of the tub around the drain flange to help prevent damage.
  15. Warning: use acetone in well-ventilated areas and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.

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