Navien tankless water heaters last up to twice as long as tanks, have twice the warranty, and save energy as they only heat water when it is needed.


As a new homeowner, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing the different systems in your home. One of these could be your plumbing and hot water needs. One solution to your hot water needs may be Navien tankless water heaters. But is this the right choice for you? In this blog post, we will take a close look at Navien tankless water heaters, the pros and cons of installing them, and how to determine if they are the right fit for your home.


Understanding Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Navien tankless water heaters are an advanced solution that cater to your household’s hot water needs. Unlike traditional water heaters that store and continuously heat water in a large tank, these units are designed to heat water only when it’s needed. Imagine turning on your shower and getting hot water instantly, rather than waiting for a tank to heat up. That’s the convenience Navien tankless water heaters offer.

These systems operate by heating water directly, sans a storage tank. When you turn on a hot water tap, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit. Here, it is heated rapidly and then directed to your faucets or appliances. Because there’s no need for a storage tank, these units are generally smaller and more compact than their traditional counterparts.

These systems offer a more energy-efficient solution to meet your hot water needs. Instead of consuming energy to keep a tank of water hot all day, they heat water on an as-needed basis. This way, they ensure that hot water is available instantly whenever you need it and save energy when you don’t.

The way Navien tankless water heaters work also means that you won’t run out of hot water halfway through a shower because the tank has emptied. As long as there’s cold water supply, these units can provide hot water indefinitely.

However, keep in mind that while Navien tankless water heaters provide a continuous supply of hot water, their flow rate is limited. If too many taps or appliances demanding hot water are open at once, the system may struggle to meet the demand. For larger households or homes with multiple simultaneous hot water needs, it’s important to consider this factor.

Remember, every home is unique and what works best for one might not work for another. While Navien tankless water heaters have many advantages, they might not be the perfect solution for everyone. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your specific needs before deciding on a water heating solution.

The Pros of Installing Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Transitioning to Navien tankless water heaters can offer several benefits to homeowners. The first notable advantage is the potential for substantial energy savings. Unlike traditional water heaters that continuously heat and reheat water regardless of usage, tankless systems only utilize energy when hot water is needed. Over time, these savings can accumulate, making the tankless water heater a cost-effective choice for long-term homeowners.

Another positive aspect of these units is their compact design. Due to the absence of a storage tank, Navien tankless water heaters occupy significantly less space compared to their conventional counterparts. This space efficiency can be a major advantage, especially for homes with limited space.

The longevity of these water heaters is yet another appealing attribute. On average, a Navien tankless water heater can last up to 20 years, which is considerably longer than the typical lifespan of a traditional water heater, usually around 10-15 years. This extended lifespan can further increase the cost-effectiveness of the tankless water heater in the long run.

Furthermore, without a storage tank, the risk of substantial leaks and subsequent cleanup is significantly reduced. Traditional water heaters can sometimes fail, leading to a massive leaking that can damage your property. The tankless design of Navien water heaters eliminates this risk, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

However, it’s worth noting that while these benefits make Navien tankless water heaters an attractive choice for many homeowners, they might not be the perfect solution for everyone. Specific needs and circumstances, such as the size of your household and the amount of hot water used simultaneously, should be considered before making a decision. A professional plumber can provide valuable guidance in this process.

navien tankless water heaters


The Cons of Installing Navien Tankless Water Heaters

While Navien tankless water heaters bring a plethora of benefits to the table, there are a few downsides that homeowners should also take into account. One of the main concerns is the high initial investment.

Compared to traditional water heaters, tankless units can have a steeper price tag not only for the device itself but also for the installation process. Tankless water heaters require a specialized venting system, which might result in more complex and costly installation.

A potential challenge that these systems present is the limitation in terms of simultaneous hot water usage. While these devices are engineered to deliver hot water on-demand, their performance might falter if several hot water-requiring appliances are operating concurrently.

This might result in a lower water temperature or a decreased flow rate, which could be inconvenient for larger families or households with high hot water consumption. In such instances, there might be a need to install multiple tankless water heaters to cater to the demand, leading to additional expenses.

Also, it’s worth noting that Navien tankless water heaters require a minimum flow rate to activate the heating element. If your water usage often involves low-flow situations like a slow-running sink or a low-pressure showerhead, this might pose a problem. The heater may not kick in, resulting in cold water instead of the expected hot.

Maintenance can also be more demanding with these systems. Although they boast a longer lifespan, Navien tankless water heaters require regular servicing to keep them running efficiently. Failure to maintain them properly can lead to premature breakdowns and might even void the warranty.

Last but not least, while these units can help reduce the risk of major leaks due to the absence of a large storage tank, they are not completely immune to leaks. Any plumbing system can leak, and Navien tankless water heaters are no exception. While the risk is lessened, it is not entirely eliminated.

Therefore, it is essential to take these potential drawbacks into consideration when evaluating the feasibility of installing a Navien tankless water heater in your home. It is all about finding a balance between the benefits and the challenges to determine if this solution is the right fit for your hot water needs.

Are Navien Tankless Water Heaters Right for You?

The suitability of Navien tankless water heaters largely hinges on your unique situation. For those residing in smaller homes with fewer inhabitants and lower simultaneous hot water demand, these heaters could prove to be a smart investment. The energy savings generated over time could balance out the initial higher costs, making it a cost-effective choice for those intending to reside in their homes for a significant period.

Conversely, for homes teeming with occupants or where the upfront costs pose a significant obstacle, other heating solutions might be a better fit. Factors such as your household size, hot water consumption patterns, and budget considerations will guide you towards the most appropriate choice for your needs.

While making this decision, remember the benefits and challenges presented by tankless water heaters. Having an open discussion with a professional plumber could provide additional insights and help steer you towards the most optimal solution for your circumstances.

Seeking Professional Guidance on Your Plumbing Needs

Navigating the complex world of plumbing systems can be daunting for anyone, especially a new homeowner. That’s where professional guidance can make all the difference. A qualified plumber can lend their expertise and knowledge to help you make informed decisions about your home’s plumbing needs. If you’re considering the installation of a Navien tankless water heater, a plumber can provide valuable insights into whether it’s a suitable solution for your particular circumstances.

Professional plumbers can evaluate various factors such as the size of your household, your hot water consumption patterns, and your budget. This will help to determine whether a Navien tankless water heater would be the optimal choice. This personalized advice can ensure that you invest in a system that not only meets your hot water requirements but is also cost-effective in the long run.

Installation is another aspect where a plumber’s assistance proves invaluable. Proper installation is critical to the performance and longevity of your water heater, regardless of the type you choose. A licensed plumber will have the necessary skills and tools to ensure the installation process is done correctly and safely. This will save you the hassle and potential risks of a DIY installation.

Furthermore, regular maintenance is crucial to keep your water heater functioning efficiently and to avoid any potential breakdowns. While Navien tankless water heaters boast a longer lifespan compared to traditional water heaters, they require routine servicing. A professional plumber can assist with this regular maintenance, ensuring your system remains in prime condition and any warranty remains valid.

To sum up, seeking professional guidance when it comes to your plumbing needs is a wise move. It ensures you make a sound decision about your home’s hot water system and guarantees its correct installation and maintenance. After all, your home is a significant investment, and it’s important to ensure every aspect of it functions efficiently, safely, and economically. So, when it comes to something as essential as your hot water needs, don’t hesitate to call in the experts.

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How much does it cost to install a Navien tankless water heater?

The cost of installing a Navien tankless water heater can vary depending on the size and type of unit, as well as the complexity of the installation. Generally speaking, it will cost between $3,500 to $5,000 for labor and materials. This includes removing an existing water heater if necessary, running new gas lines or venting systems where needed, and connecting all electrical components. It is important to hire a licensed professional plumber with experience to ensure that everything is done correctly.

How to install a Navien tankless?

Installing a Navien tankless water heater is relatively straightforward. First, shut off the main water supply and turn off power to the unit. Then, connect cold and hot water lines to the inlet/outlet connections on the unit. Next, attach venting components according to manufacturer instructions. Finally, restore power and open main water supply valve slowly until desired pressure is achieved. Be sure to check for any leaks before turning on your new tankless system.

How long does it take to install a Navien tankless water heater?

The installation of a Navien tankless water heater typically takes between 4 and 6 hours. This includes the time it takes to disconnect the old unit, install the new one, make all necessary connections, test for proper operation, and clean up any debris from the job site. It is important to note that this timeline may vary depending on factors such as access to existing plumbing lines or if additional components are needed for installation. Professional plumbers should be consulted in order to ensure a successful and timely installation process.

Can I install a gas tankless water heater myself?

No, you should not attempt to install a gas tankless water heater yourself. It is important to have the installation done by a professional plumber with experience in this type of work. Gas tankless water heaters require specialized knowledge and tools that only a trained professional can provide. Additionally, any mistakes made during the installation process could result in dangerous gas leaks or other safety hazards. For these reasons, it is best to leave the job up to an experienced local plumbing service provider in Clovis CA who can ensure your new system will be installed correctly and safely.


With proper maintenance, these systems can last for many years with minimal issues. If you experience any problems with your Navien tankless water heater, it’s important to troubleshoot them quickly in order to avoid further damage or costly repairs. By understanding the basics of navien tankless water heater installation and following the steps outlined above, you can be sure that your system will provide reliable service for years to come.


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