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questions and answers

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1) How is your business involved with the community you serve?

We are on track to align ourselves with Habitat for Humanity as one way to give back to the community. Our intent is to offer pro bono hours of service and product discounts.

We also hire our staff primarily from the community and use local supplies when possible. In addition, one of the most meaningful ways of giving back to the community is when we sense that a customer is experiencing a crisis or is having financial difficulties.

In those cases we provide our services at a deep discount or pro-bono. Our “giving back” philosophy not only brings us loyal customers, but it also connects us more closely to our neighbors.

We donate time and dollars whenever we can and are constantly on the alert for more opportunities to help the disenfranchised members of our community.

2) What would additional funding mean to your business?

Now that we have firmly established our business presence in the local community and our operational expenses are well within our control, we would like to execute a plan for long-term growth and stability.

We would like to establish additional business agreements with distributorships and/or dealerships so that we can remain ahead of the curve in terms of cutting edge products.

And although we are proud of our marketing-via-referrals success, we would like to extend our reach to a broader base through focused advertising (including social media, print and radio), all within a comprehensive marketing and branding campaign.

We also need an extra vehicle to keep up with our growth projections, as well as more office space and two additional employees.

3) What are your short-term and long-term growth plans?

Our short-term growth plan is to expand beyond our local base and increase profits without compromising the customer focus approach that is the essence of our business identity.

Within the next year or two, we will conduct studies of our competition, develop questionnaires for our current customers to weigh in on what we do best and how we can improve, develop focused marketing strategies, and improve our website presence.

Our long-term growth plan is to increase our customer base by 100% within 5 years and increase our revenue by (200%) during the same time period. This grant will give us the funds necessary to develop a solid plan and finance its execution.

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Call Us at (559) 940-0890

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