Grundfos Comfort System

grundfos comfort system

Hot water is a convenience that every house should have. And not only that it should be present, but also flow in sufficient amounts and always have the best temperature.

So how can you ensure an optimum hot water flow throughout the entire house? By using a reliable pump, strong enough to do the job and send water through the whole plumbing system.

How it Works

The Grundfos Comfort System will not only make sure that hot water will always be available, but also save you from any cold water runoff when you use the faucets in the house.

Do you always lose time waiting hot water to reach the appliance you are using? Whether it is the kitchen, the bathroom upstairs, or the shower cabin on the ground floor, hot water should be on the pipe the moment you switch the faucet on.

This may sound like a great convenience if you don’t have it in your home, but you should also know that it is not impossible to have.

The developers of the Grundfos Comfort System know what that means, so they work hard in creating a pump that will make that happen.

Energy Use

Did you know that when your washing, and dish washing machine need to heat water from their washing programs, they consume extra energy?

That’s right, because if the water in the pipes is not hot enough, as set by the washing program, the machines will automatically start heating the water themselves. You can save some money on your electricity bill, by having hot water available immediately on the pipes.

Thus, when the washing machines start to take water from your water grid, it will already be heated to the optimum temperature. So having a reliable circulation pump also means to use more efficiently the household appliances.


The Grundfos Comfort System is an investment not only in your comfort but also for the smart use of your resources.

And not only by reducing the energy consumed by appliances but also by your need for hot water.

The pump has a 24 hours timer, which you can use to set the peak hours when you will need hot water to be ready for use.

So the system will not work only before that moment, saving energy and offering you the best comfort.

Cost and maintenance?

You should know that the entire system and the adjacent parts are installed for just a few hundred dollars, and it takes only about two hours.

And about maintenance, there is none since the pump is made to resist corrosion and last in time. Also, comparative to other recirculation pumps available on the market, Grundfos Comfort System is extremely silent, having a motor that barely makes a sound.

A great advantage, especially at night, when everything can be easily heard. It will save you a considerable amount of time, water and power resources, and even lower disposals. The Grundfos Comfort System is indeed a pump you should consider, from all points of view.

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