Discover the 5 simple steps for tub drain replacement. Learn how to install a new drain with licensed plumbers’ tips.

In this article, we will discuss the nuances of repairing bathtub drains, beginning with the identification of typical problems and continuing on to discuss the many ways for resolving these issues.

Shower Head Cleaning

shower head cleaning

One of the most frequent complaints about shower head cleaning is about how dirty, grimy and lime-encrusted shower heads turn with hard water.

The extreme hardness of the water can result in clogged heads and unsightly shower heads that have been embedded with scale and dirt.

Shower Head Selection

shower head selection

A shower can be pleasant and relaxing, particularly when you have installed the correct shower head for your bathroom.

With a wide variety of options on the market, you will have to make your selection depending on the shower space, personal taste and the budget you have set aside.

Custom Shower Tips

custom shower tips

A few years ago, the term custom showers would have made people look at you funny. The showers were purely functional, and far from glamorous.

But recently they have become extremely popular and can add value to any home, old or new. Let’s see some of the characteristics of modern showers.

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