Plastic Pipe Selection

plastic pipe selection

Many of us have heard the term PVC in our everyday lives. But how many of you know the complete form of these 3 letters? What does CPVC mean?

In this article, we will talk more about plastic pipe selection between PVC and CPVC and how they overcome each other.

Gas Flex Connector Tips

gas flex connector

A gas flex connector is available in a variety of sizes and fitting for all your gas application needs (commercial or residential). Gas flex connectors are used in kitchens, attics, utility rooms and other spaces where required.

Choosing Material

choosing material

If you had to take a look inside the walls of your home, you might be surprised to see that there are different types of pipes.

Many residents may wonder why all the pipes in their homes are not the same. For the average person, this logic does make sense.

PVC Tips & Tricks

pvc tips and tricks

PVC pipe is a versatile pipe form that has revolutionized modern plumbing installations. PVC can be used for drainage, sewer or ventilation, but it is not suitable for water supply. In this case, the copper tube is the most used.

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