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When it comes to home plumbing, a homeowner will not want to hear the phrase “broken water main.”

Broken water mains have been known to flood homes with mud and even cause streets to crumble.

Repairing water main lines can be costly – in fact, this type of plumbing repipe requires a professional plumber.

Therefore, it is in the interest of all homeowners to closely monitor the health and functionality of the water main.

Your water main is the conduit that connects your domestic installation with the public water supply.

Monitoring your main water line can be tricky because it’s underground and inaccessible without digging.

By learning a bit about water main line, you can see the telltale signs that a water main repair is required.

Sign # 1: Old pipes

Every plumber knows that old pipes break often – especially if they have been repaired and repaired over the years.

Much of the underground water infrastructure in the United States is more than 100 years old.

This means there’s a good chance many homeowners are unknowingly sitting on crumbling main water lines.

In addition to wear and tear, a water pipe’s lifespan can be affected by many things.

So remember, the older the water main line to is, the more attention you should pay to it.

If you know your system is old, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a professional plumber.

In some cases, replacement of obsolete pipes can be the safest and least expensive solution.

Sign #2: Increased water usage.

Because your water main line is underground, a leak can go undetected for months, especially if it is a slow leak.

Such leaks are often the first sign that a water main repair is on the horizon.

Plumbing leaks worsen over time so a leak today can become a broken water main tomorrow.

The best way to detect a water main leak is to monitor your family’s water usage.

Keep an eye on your bill each month so you will be familiar with what is normal.

If you see a large, unexplained spike in your water usage, that’s a sign you may need a water main main repair.

Sign #3: Puddles around your yard.

When there is a leak in the water main line, all of that water has to go somewhere.

Some of it will end up on the soil’s surface, creating puddles of water or mud around your yard.

If you notice pooling water on your property, this could be a sign you need a water main leak.

How professional plumbers work to repair your water main lines

Water main repair is one of the most important services that plumbers and technicians can offer.

They, in fact, offer water main replacement and upgrades to the residents in order reduce their hassle.

Plumbers use different techniques to solve the problem of a water main malfunctioning.

Trenchless water main repair.

In this system, the liner is positioned in a translucent bladder and a vacuum is created.

Then the lining assembly is inverted through a clean out.

The method involves the insertion of a lateral push camera into the translucent bladder.

This allows for visual unambiguous verification of the placement of the liner.

The same bladder is re-inverted and removed from the pipe to clean the lines.

Slab penetration

This a powerful technique of pipe cleaning in which a hole is hammered into the slab in order to remove the debris.

The broken section of water main pipe is eliminated and replaced with the new pipe at the same time.

Plumbers inspect and evaluate the complete pipeline and if the old pipe is corroded, they replace it.

Slab penetration is one of the most recognized techniques that help to clear out the dust and sludge.

It is a complex process and can involve the removal of cabinets or flooring above the area.

In order to carry out a water main repair, you need to have an experienced and qualified plumber and technician.

He must be able to carry out the repair easily, with complete knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages.

Only a qualified professional plumbing specialist can do the job well and efficiently.

Their fleet has all the necessary safety equipment to ensure safe and clean underground construction.

This includes personnel barriers, reflective displays, traffic cones, LED displays, tools, and machinery, vehicle-based lights, warning tapes, etc.

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