Shower Repair

Shower Repair

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If you have been worrying about the leaking shower in your bathroom lately, we at Clovis Plumbing services do all kind of shower repair work.

We cover every possible area related to the shower repair and installation work to let you enjoy 100% waterproof leaking shower and comfortable bath area.

Why choose Clovis Plumbing Services?

Being leaders in the plumbing industry, we have a solid track record with thoroughly designed tools, methods and procedures that allow us to perform shower repairs with great expertise.

Utilizing our plumbing services will also save you a time, money and the hassle of tackling the leaking shower on your own.

Our shower repair services include:

  • Shower installation services: Starting from the installation of the shower to adjusting the water pressure and shower head height.
  • Use of latest technique: We use the most efficient technique and products in all our shower installation and repair work.
  • Thorough inspection: Our technicians assess all the damage due to either clogging or calcium deposits in the shower head.
  • Customized solutions: Clovis Plumbing Services uses TaylorMade Tile to provide tile repairs, sealing shower trays or re-grouting.

The purpose of our services at Clovis Plumbing is the excellent customer service for any kind of plumbing need in extremely professional yet friendly manner.

Honestly, some things are just better left to the pros. A plumbing leak in the shower might seem like a project that you can manage well, but it really can get quite complex.

Let’s discuss what could be involved with a shower repair.

Shower repair involving a plumbing leak

If you can see the water running out of a connection between your shower head and the wall, it might be an easy fix to simply remove the shower head and replace it.

The larger issues involve leaking handles and evident moisture from behind the wall at the valve.

Your professional plumber will know where to locate that problem so the damage is minimized.

If the framing is wet, they need to be completely dry before proceeding.

Once the leak is located and it is determined what needs to be replaced, removal can be further hampered by the age of the valve and the length of time it has been leaking.

Shower repair due to the cracked shower pan

If you have standing water around the base of the exterior of your tub or shower, you’re dealing with:

  • Water getting through the wall
  • Water getting under the fixture
  • A crack around the drain
  • A crack in the bottom of the shower

Replacing or repairing a shower pan is a big deal.

A shower pan extends above the lip of the tub or shower, to contain moisture that might get through.

Is your drain leaking?

Usually, it isn’t the repair that is difficult. That’s the easy part.

Don’t take on jobs like this by yourself. Shower repairs can be quite easy for an an experienced plumber.

The process involved in shower repairs


One of the most common causes of shower repairs is a shower faucet or a leaking valve. It gets worse when the leak comes from the side that supplies hot water.

The water can also leak into the wall and cause wood rot which can be very expensive to repair.

Why Shower Faucets Leak

When a shower head that is dripping, it is because the shower faucet has a problem. Sometimes the faucet gets blocked by deposits from water or the faucet may be rusty.

Sometimes the cartridge in the shower faucet is worn out. The result is a constant dripping.

If you’re shower is dripping, make sure not to overtighten the valve handle.

Repair Work

When performing shower repairs, lay rags on the floor of the shower before doing any work.

A valve that shuts off the water supply to the shower is then turned off, and it is normally located outside in the front of the home.

The procedure used to perform the shower repair will depend on the type of faucet being used.

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