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As the saying goes, water is the new gold.

And with potable water supplies dwindling across the world, but especially in drought-stricken regions like our very own California, we get excited about any and all new water-saving technologies, such as water leak detection devices.

It’s with this spirit that we announce that we now install the new Phyn Plus water leak detection device.

Phyn Plus is a neat device that connects to your home on the main water line.

Using high-definition pressure wave sensing, the Phyn Plus is able to detect the tiniest of leaks.

This is a patented technology, which combines Belkin’s Wemo and Linksys platforms and advanced machine learning, with ultrasonic pressure sensing.

The result? A superb water-sensing system integrated with intelligent features.

Chet Pipkin, founder and CEO of Belkin, expresses his pride in Phyn Plus, saying: “With the formation of Phyn, we’re advancing water to for the smart home and doing our part to solve the very real challenges facing our global water supply.”

What makes Phyn Plus so smart?

Measuring micro changes in water pressure at a rate of 240 measurements per second, which is just mind-blowing

The Phyn Plus actually learns the unique way in which your home uses water on a daily basis.

Using algorithms to analyze this data, as well as the data from pressure, flow and temperature settings, the Phyn Plus is able to identify plumbing issues in a heartbeat, ranging from basic leaks to dripping faucets and frozen pipes.

The Phyn Plus system literally gets smarter over time.

As it analyzes and stores data about your home’s water usage, it unlocks new capabilities and offers you insights

This helps you better understand and manage your water.

If you’re not yet impressed with its water leak detection technology, you may yet be!

In keeping with smart home trends, the Phyn Plus device implements the following active features:

Leak Alerts

Using WiFi to connect with your smartphone or smart device, Phyn Plus sends real-time notifications to alert you of potential leaks and give you the option of switching your main water supply off remotely, using the streamlined and user-friendly Phyn app.

Automatic Shutoff

Possibly its most valuable feature, the Phyn is able to switch off a home’s main water supply automatically should it detect a catastrophic water leak, such as a burst pipe.

This saves you not only water, but drastically minimizes potential damage within the home.

Plumbing Checks

Phyn Plus uses the data that it’s collected to run daily diagnostic plumbing checks, and alert you of any irregularities that may require the attention of a plumber in the near or distant future.

This gives you the opportunity to implement the ideal scenario of “prevention is better than cure”.

Water Consumption

Other than water leak detection, the Phyn Plus offers valuable reporting on the usage of water in your home, offering you insights on how to save this precious commodity.

Having Your Phyn Plus Installed

Putting safety first, Phyn was designed in partnership with leading Finnish residential plumbing supplier, Uponor.

The device is manufacture by global company Badge Meters, who have been innovative leaders within the industry for over 110 years.

Phyn Plus is NSF certified.

It can be installed indoors or outdoors, and withstands the elements like a champion.

The water leak detection device is priced at $850 per unit, and one unit services one entire home.

To ensure that Phyn Plus is fully functional and that all features are properly enabled, it needs to be installed by a licensed professional plumber.

“We have been monitoring the development of Phyn Plus from its early stages and look forward to featuring it here in the Central Valley,” says Tod Dale, Owner of Clovis Plumbing Services.

“We’re honored to be suppliers of this remarkable leak detection device, and in partnering with Phyn Plus and property owners in the Central Valley, we can’t wait to start saving water, one drop at a time”.

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