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When thinking of water damage, our minds often imagine burst water pipes, roof leaks, or flash floods.

However, water damage is often the result of a modest, undetected leak that slowly deteriorates the integrity of the home.

We recommend that each home plumbing system should operate a quality smart water valve system.

Beside ceiling damage, there are a host of other dangers that come with water leaks such as:

  1. electrical faults
  2. wooden floor damage
  3. damage of furniture
  4. damage of personal items
  5. mould

Mould is the most deadly fungus that sometimes take up residence in a home that’s harboring damp conditions.

What Does Leak Defense Actually Do?

The leak detection unit by Leak Defense is installed on the home’s main water line.

This means that the water system is monitored day in, and day out.

The constant surveillance being offered might save you thousands in water damage repairs

It will also save on water usage, as well as contribute to overall water consumption and conservation.

An automated shut-off valve empowers you to control a potential water crises at home

This gives you sufficient time to investigate a water leak and have it addressed by a local plumber.

Leak Defense System Features

This water leak detection system is a comprehensive solution that addresses the following challenges:

  1. Originally developed to identify and resolve pinhole and slab leaks. It is incredibly sensitive.
  2. Managed via a state-of-the-art control panel and available to users via mobile app.
  3. Shut-off valve that is automatically triggered in the event of extremely unusual water usage.
  4. World-class leak detection system is able to identify leaks that occur behind walls and inside ceilings
  5. Pre-set flow limitations that best suit the water usage in your home

Customizing Your Leak Defense Unit

The system runs on two basic active modes, being Home and Away.

You will need to understand the Time to Alarm function, and the Trip Rate.

Time to Alarm (factory setting: 5 minutes)

If, for example, your daily shower takes you 15 minutes, your Leak Defense System alarm is going to start alerting you of in-home water consumption within 5 minutes.

You will need to set your Time to Alarm to a more realistic 20-minute period.

This would apply to your Home mode, while you might keep the factory-setting for your Away mode.

Flow / Trip Rate (factory setting: 10%)

Setting the flow and trip rate in your home can be a matter of trial and error

Open a faucet and watch the bar graph on your Leak Defense System panel to see what percentage that flow is.

Then, slowly close the faucet and compare how this affects the flow rate displayed on your system graph.

While most homes average trip rate is 7%, small leaks trip rate as low as 3-4%, is good in Away mode.

Let Us Handle That For You

We’re proud to announce that here at Clovis Plumbing Services, we’re now qualified to install the Leak Defense System

This allows us to offer accurate water leak detection to our clients, at a competitive price.

The intricate installation and pain-staking refinement of each home’s settings, can become a challenge better left to qualified plumbers.

Let us help you, so that you can begin monitoring and controlling your water consumption

Why not rest easy knowing that your home is safe from leaks, great and small?

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